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cropped-txrfa-rivstr-inset_2_photos-07-logo-flat.jpgHere at Texas Republic Firearms Academy (TXRFA) all instructors are certified, and each lead instructor* has extensive experience as a law enforcement officer who has personally encountered violent armed criminals.  For you, this real-world “street” experience translates into intensely practical training.

To improve your learning experience, we keep our classes small in size (6-24 students) and hands-on practical.  For private groups and those interested in one-on-one instruction, any of the below courses can be adapted to meet your individual needs.

Firearm safety and range rules, class registration details, and our Terms and Conditions are included below the following list of classes.

(Our Most Popular, Core Courses are Classes 2-3)

Class 1 – Gun-Specific Training

Class 1A – The 101 Course of Firearm Defense

This semi-private class provides a personalized orientation to firearm self-defense.  It includes instruction in basic self-defense skills using four different types of guns; a handgun (several sizes of handguns and and various calibers), home-defense (tactical) shotgun, the AR-15 assault rifle (5.56 NATO), and battle rifle (7.62 NATO).

Participants have the opportunity to shoot all of these guns after receiving instruction in firearm safety, proper gun handling and gun range protocols, and basic firearm self-defense tactics.

With this class comes the knowledge necessary for making informed choices on what gun(s) and calibers are best for you and your situation. It also includes With this bullet penetration and expansion demonstrations using various bullet types and calibers, and discussion of the legal and moral issues surrounding the use of deadly force.  This class can also include instruction in the use of pepper spray and less-lethal self-defense options.

Semi-private class.  7-hours of instruction; Cost: $700 per person (2-person minimum).

B&B lodging is available for those wishing to combine this with another class, such as our very popular Class-3 courses which include License to Carry certification.

Class 1-365  –  Orientation to SIG Sauer 365 (or P290) Self-Defense Pistol.

Semi-private class.  4-hrs of instruction;  Cost: $350.

Class 1-320 –  Orientation to SIG Sauer P320 (new military) and P250 (police) convertible pistols.

Though designed for military and police departments, these guns are available in the civilian market.  One of the reasons they are popular is that the same gun can be converted from a small concealed carry gun, to a mid-size (compact), to a full size duty firearm.  Plus, they can be adapted with frames/grips sized for small, medium, and large hands.  These features are useful for professional users as well as civilians.

Semi-private class.   4-hrs of instruction; Cost: $350.

Class 1 FX  –  Orientation to the Special Operations FN FX-45 RMR Tactical Pistol.

Semi-private class.  4-hrs of instruction; Cost: $350.

DSC02012Class 2  –  Handgun Self-Defense

Handgun basics, particularly popular with those who are new to handguns, as well as for those who want a refresher on handgun operation and cleaning, safety, and use.  Or, for help in identifying the right gun to purchase.  An orientation to the use of Home-Defense (Tactical) Shotgun is an optional addition.

1-2 hr class; Cost: $250.  ($90 if included with a same-day Class-3 course.)

Class 2M  –  Maintaining Firearms Proficiency

A refresher class, or this course can also be used as an orientation class for those who are already familiar with self-defense firearms but want to increase their proficiency with a new handgun.

90-minutes; Cost: $250.  ($90 if included with another same-day course.)

Class 2S  –  ‘Sheepdog‘ Practice Sessions

To encourage practice, on a space-available basis, we offer monthly practice sessions.  This is not an instructional class.  This is provided as a service to encourage regular practice.  Upon request, these sessions can be documented if it ever becomes important to prove regular or supervised practice.  This documentation can be important, especially for safety and security teams, armed school teachers, etc.

90-minutes; Cost $45.

Class 2W  –  Bullets and Bling: Introduction to Firearms Self-Defense for Women

Private group class.  This is a handgun basics course, same as above, but also includes training and information on personal security and the self-defense needs of women. It does not include License-to-Carry (LTC/CHL) certification.  This is an introduction to self-defense course, only.  See Class 3 for a course with a more robust curriculum that includes LTC certification.

2-1/2 hr class; Cost: $250

DSC02021bClass 3 – Handgun Tactics for LTC. All variations of this class are oriented to practical LTC skills. They equip individuals with the shooting skills, tactics, and knowledge needed for responsible License to Carry (LTC).

Class 3 – Handgun Self-Defense and Tactics for License to Carry (LTC)

Our most popular course, this is actually several classes combined into one. The course objective is to equip participants for all aspects of handgun self-defense, and to provide graduates with LTC certification so that they can apply for a Texas License to Carry a handgun.

In this course, participants are taught self-defense shooting skills and tactics, they can experience shoot-don’t-shoot scenarios, try various concealed carry methods, see the effects of gun and ammo choices, learn applicable laws and legal considerations, and talk about post-shooting issues such as dealing with the police.  As an option offered at no additional charge, this class includes License-to-Carry (LTC/CHL) certification.  However, half of those who take this class already have their LTC license.  Some of these use it as a refresher class for skills and to obtain legal updates, others because they realize that most LTC classes provide inadequate preperation.

There are several variations of this core class.

Class #3: Scheduled Course.  7-hours of instruction; Cost $450.  Maximum class size 24, with instructor/student ratio of 1/6 for the shooting portion of this class.

Class #3: Private Course.  7-hours of instruction for up to 4 participants; Cost $1,650.

Class 3N  –  Handgun Self Defense – Day & Night.  Includes range time and skill training during both daylight and hours of darkness. 

This is a popular, expanded version of our Class #3, with the additional time spent on hands-on demos, plus shooting and self-defense tactics for low-light and no-light situations. This course teaches participants how to use a flashlight with your handgun, the pros and cons of weapons lights, and explains special tactics that can be used during hours of darkness and in inclement weather.

Class #3N: Handgun Self-Defense + Night Shooting.  10-hours of instruction, classroom and gun range.  This class adds low-light training to the standard Class #3.  Maximum class size is 24, with instructor/student ratio of 1/6 for the shooting portions of this class.

Class #3N: Regularly Scheduled Class.  Cost: $595

Class #3N: Private Class.  10-hours of instruction for up to 4 participants; Cost $1,650.  This is a 1-1/2 day class (1-evening + 1-day)

Class #3N Including Lodging:  A limited number of B&B rooms are available for participants or their families.  This adds $275/night to the above cost.

Class 3 DPS (and 3N DPS) – Handgun Proficiency and Tactics

Designed for those who have already taken an online Texas LTC class, this course includes the Texas Department of Public Safety LTC shooting certification exam, plus additional handgun self-defense training on a gun range.  No classroom instruction.

2-Hour Course, Cost:  $250.

4-Hour Course, Cost $400.

5-Hour Course, 3N DPS – Includes daytime, low-light, and night shooting.  Cost: $495

Class 3W  –  Handgun Self-Defense for Women

This is a women-only, private-group class.  It focuses on the unique safety needs of women; handgun options and methods of gun-carry, an overview of less-lethal weapons for self-defense such as pepper spray and stun-guns, and safety strategies for women.  It can also include License-to-Carry (LTC/CHL) certification.  This class is similar to Class-3, but is designed to be used in a retreat setting, typically a combination of classroom and gun range (1-evening and 1-full day).

1- day class (7-hours); Cost: $450.  1-1/2 day class; Cost $495.  Minimum of 6 women.

Class 3G or 3N-G    God, Guns, and Guts of Handgun Defense 

Popular especially with church groups, this course is offered periodically as a scheduled course, but more often as a private class for church groups, families and friends.  Optionally, it can include License-to-Carry (LTC/CHL) certification, or can serve as an LTC/CHL refresher course.

This class incorporates much of the same content as Class-3 or 3N, with the addition of Bible-based curriculum that is consistent with the book, “God, Guns, and Guts of Firearm Defense: The Bible View” by SIG Swanstrom.  To purchase a copy of this book, Click Here, or order it from your local bookstore.  Arrangements can be made for SIG Swanstrom to teach this course.

Regularly Scheduled, 1-day class (8-hours); Cost: $425, or $395 each for groups.  (Or, 4N-GGG: $495.)

Groups must consist of at least 5 participants. Private Class, 1-day course, $1,800 plus facility fees.  Up to 12 participants.  (For larger groups of up to 24 participants, the cost is $2,550. Groups larger than 24 cannot be accommodated except at our Camp Barkeley Tactical Training Center, which is located near of Abilene, Texas.

Class 4  –  Self-Reliant & Ready (2-Gun or 3-Gun)

This is a tactical skills course in which participants use 2 or 3 different guns; handgun, home-defense shotgun, and/or an AR or tactical rifle. In this class, you will learn and practice move-and-shoot skills, and the tactics needed for self-defense while at home, in a vehicle, at work, in urban and isolated rural areas.

For those who are interested, it can also include demos on the advantages/disadvantages of various types of weapons in an assortment of different threat scenarios.  Or, it can include fire-team tactics for couples or co-workers.

This class uses scenario-based training.  Participants must have the ability to walk hills and jog short distances safely with a loaded gun.

1-day class (6 hours); Cost: $475.

Private Class: $1,575.

Class 5  –  Parent-Child Family Firearms Training

The content for this course is customized to meet the specific needs of the participants.  Private class or private-group class.  3-4 hr class; Cost: Variable


DSC01985Class 6  –  Special-Needs Firearm Training

This semi-private or private class is exclusively for the special needs of our Wounded Warriors, seniors, and others with physical limitations or impairments.  Semi-private.

Course length is adjustable; Cost: Varies

Class 7  –  Introduction to Tactical Shotguns (Home-Defense Shotguns)

Though often underrated, we believe the tactical shotgun, also known as a home-defense shotgun, to be the best firearm for self-defense in many situations.  Though not concealable or comfortably transported, in many circumstances it can provide a versatile self-defense option.

Loaded with the appropriate ammunition, a tactical shotgun is more powerful than the largest handgun, yet the recoil is manageable for most people.  Accuracy is still important, but with a tactical shotgun, it is much easier to hit a target that is 20-75 feet distant.  Plus, a shotgun can deliver knock-down power whereas most handguns do not.

This course is an introduction to this formidable weapon, and gives the participant the opportunity to shoot different types of shot-shells (ammunition) and gun models.  This is additionally helpful if you have not yet made a purchase decision.

3-hr class; Cost:  $350.  Guns and practice ammo provided.

Class 8  –  Introduction to Tactical Rifle

In addition to the use of these firearms, this course includes ammunition selection, basic self-defense rifle tactics, gun maintenance, and a review of popular accessories.

Regularly Scheduled Class:  6-hr course; Cost: $395.

Private Class:  6-hr course, cost: $1,450.  (Maximum 4 participants.)

Class 9  –  Tactical Rifle and/or Long-Distance Shooting for Ranch or Estate Defense

This course includes training in the use of scoped semiautomatic and bolt-action rifles used for defense.  It is suitable for SWAT officers as well as civilians who want to better defend their family, home, and estate or ranch/farm property from intruders with violent intent.  For training in calibers larger than 7.62mm, participants must have their own rifle.  A night version of this course using Starlight, digital night-vision, and thermal imaging scopes is also available to select students.  Inquire for details and cost.

Semi-private course; 4-hr class; Cost: $520.

Class 10  –  Executive Protection

Designed for those who face added or special risks such as kidnapping or violent assault while traveling domestically or in high-risk countries.  This class is essential even for those who may have a bodyguard, but understand that they also need to know how to handle various types of firearms and the situations they might face.

Semi-private course; 6-hr class: Cost: $1,950 per person.

 Class 11  –  Kidnapping and Known-Threat Defense

Designed for those who face added or special risks such as kidnapping due to their profession, family relationships, or financial standing.  This class is essential even for those who may have a bodyguard, but understand that they also need to know how to handle various types of firearms and the situations they might face.

Semi-private course; 6-hr class: Cost: $1,950 per person.


DSC_0843Class 12  –  Vehicle Defense and Assault

This course includes self-defense use of firearms while driving or traveling in a vehicle, as well as how to respond to an attack perpetrated by an assailant(s) who are in a vehicle.

In this class, participants are trained in, and experience, shooting through vehicle windshields, windows and car bodies, and how to return fire effectively against an assailant who is in a vehicle. Plus, how to skip-shoot an assailant who is hiding behind a vehicle.

Scheduled 1-day class: $1,750 per person.  Discount available for active duty LEOs.

Private 1-day Class:  $14,600, plus the cost of the vehicles consumed.

Class Lucky-13  –  Active Shooter Training

Designed for church safety teams, private school personnel, clinics and businesses, this class focuses on tactics that LTC/CHL holders can use to neutralize the threat and minimize loss of life.  The truism, “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away” is a harsh reality.  In the real world, the incident may have played out to a tragic end if the victims are forced to wait until the police arrive.  The licensed LTC.CHL holder can change this outcome and have a key role in ending the violence.  If you’re lucky enough to have taken this class, this training can help you do just that.  Sheepdog-Up.

In addition to classroom training and on-range shooting tactics, this 1-day or 2-day class also includes stop-the-bleed certification, emergency medical skill training, and radio /team communications.

This course is only offered for approved groups.  The curriculum and cost is variable, as this class is highly customized to meet the specific needs and experience-level of the participants and the organization.



Tuition discounts are available for most of the above classes.  If you are a spouse of a sworn law enforcement officer (LEO), firefighter, paramedic, or a spouse of a deployed member of the United States military, please let us know prior to registration.


Other Courses Offered

 Advanced courses not listed here, and custom courses, are also available for both civilians and law enforcement officers. Please contact us for details.

* When appropriate to course content, some of our instructors are former military spec-ops warriors (SEALs, Special Forces, etc.) with extensive training and combat experience that is relevant to the specific, specialized course.  These instructors are not necessarily former law enforcement officers, but like all of our LEO instructors, they do have real-world deadly force experience.

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CLICK HERE to download a PDF copy of our TXRFA Firearm Safety Rules.

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Class Registration Information


Terms and Conditions

 To register for a class, or to request information regarding private instruction, please Click Here or use the “Registration” page of this website.

Background Check:  Much like the process for purchasing a handgun or applying for a Texas License-to-Carry (LTC/CHL), each student must be willing to undergo a background check before attending any of our gun-related classes.  This applies to private instruction, as well.

(Exception: Students under the age of 18-years may be exempted from age and other requirements if they are attending one of our family classes, or another class with a parent or legal guardian).

Age Requirement:  Except for classes which cater to children, students must be 21-years of age, or 18-years of age if active military.  In certain classes, younger students will be allowed to attend a class with a parent or legal guardian.  However, successful graduation from an LTC-included class does not mean that the State of Texas will issue a license-to-carry.

Registration and Participation is at Our Discretion:  We reserve the right to deny participation, including without cause.  If you would not qualify for the purchase a handgun, or if you would not be approved for a Texas License-to-Carry license, please do not apply.  You do not qualify for admission to any Texas Republic Firearms Academy class.

Payment:  Tuition must be paid for classes and private instruction at the time of registration.  Registration received without payment will be accepted, but it will not reserve a place for you in class.

Payment Authorization:  Applicant agrees that their signature provided by them by photocopy, scan, or electronically, is as valid as their physical signature.

Groups:  Private-group classes require a 50% deposit ($500 minimum), with full payment received at least 1-month prior to the scheduled date of the class.

Minimum size for a private group is 6, maximum 12 people for each gun range, and 24 people per classroom section of the class.  If less than 6 people participate, the minimum charge for a private class is based on tuition for 6 students.

Registration:  The online registration available through this website is only an indication of interest. Submitting it does not constitute a completed registration but it does initiate the registration process.  For registration to be complete, the paper registration form for a specific class must be completed, signed, and received by TXRFA. It must be accompanied by a copy of the applicant’s driver’s license, State ID card, or passport, and full payment.  A place in class is not secured until this registration process is complete and we have had the opportunity to receive affirmation from our background check.

Each individual participant must complete and sign the student registration form for that class, as well as a liability waiver.  Completed and signed forms and payment must be received at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the class.  It can be submitted by mail or scanned and submitted electronically as an email attachment, but it must be received at least two weeks prior to the class.  Please review the submission instructions that are printed on the bottom of the registration form.

Cancellation of Private Class or Private Instruction:  Cancellation of private class or private instruction is subject to a 50% cancellation fee if written notification is received more than 14-days prior to the scheduled date. If notice of cancellation is received 14 days or less before the scheduled start of the training, or student(s) fail to show up for the scheduled training, 100% of the tuition and fees are forfeited.  If payment has not yet been made but the registration form has been submitted, payment is still due.

Cancellation or No-Show to a Regular Class:  For regular classes, cancellation less than 14-days or less before a scheduled training session, or failure to appear, is subject to 100% forfeiture of both tuition and other rental charges and fees.  We reserve the right to cancel a class if the minimum threshold of attendees has not been met.

Students who fail to show up for a class or cancel less than 14-days before a class, forfeit the entire tuition payment.  If tuition has not yet been paid but the registration form has been submitted, the full fee is still owed.

If a registrant is denied admission because they failed to pass our background check, or we reject their participation for some other reason, the full tuition payment less a $35 processing fee will be refunded.

Refunds:  For regularly scheduled classes, all but $35 of tuition will be refunded if we receive written notice of cancellation more than 14-days before the scheduled start of the class.  This charge is to offset the cost of processing registrations.

WAIVER OF LIABILITY:  Despite reasonable precautions, students, guests, instructors and other participants must understand that firearm-use and firearms training are inherently dangerous.  These dangers include property damage or loss, injury to oneself or others, or even death.  Therefore, participants and others are required to sign a Release of Liability document.

SAFETY AND RULES OF CONDUCT:  Attendees agree to adhere to the safety rules published by Texas Republic Firearms Academy, appropriate conduct as stipulated by instructors and safety officers, as well as to any other rules published or posted at the facility used for training or practice.  It is the responsibility of each attendee to know and understand these rules and to immediately bring to the attention of a TXRFA instructor or Range Master when a fellow student, or anyone else, is in violation of any Safety Rule, or if their deportment is not conducive to the learning environment.  It is understood that firearms safety, and safety generally, is everyone’s responsibility.  Click Here to download a copy of the TXRFA Firearms Safety Rules.

FACILITIES:  Texas Republic Firearms Academy does not own any of the facilities it uses.  Any problem with the facility, other than an issue which can be easily ameliorated by the TXRFA instructor, is between the student and the property owner.

BACKGROUND CHECKS:  As a condition to enrollment, prospective students agree and authorize Texas Republic Firearms Academy to conduct a background check to verify that a student has the right to possess a firearm under federal, state, and local laws.  Each class has a registration fee of $35 built into the tuition cost to cover the costs associated with registration and/or a background check.  This fee is not refundable.

PAYMENT OF TUITION & FEES:  Payment of tuition must accompany the signed and dated registration form to secure a place in class.  Checks should be made payable to TXRFA.  Applicants who pay by Credit Card or Debit Card, who supply their card numbers or allow their card to be swiped, accept responsibility for payment without their signature.

GUN and EQUIPMENT RENTALS:  Though we may refer to firearm or equipment rental, Texas Republic Firearms Academy does not actually rent guns or safety equipment, nor does it sell ammunition.  Amounts collected are actually cleaning or convenience fees, or reimbursement. These are extended solely as a service to aid our students.

Any equipment borrowed or “rented” is not to be removed from the gun range where these items were provided for use. Removal of these items from the location of intended use is considered theft, as is retention of these items longer than the duration of the class for which they were intended.  Since the possession of firearms is a serious issue, missing or misappropriated firearms will be immediately reported to the police as stolen.

Guests and Assistants:  No family members, observers, photographers, or other guests of students, are allowed on the gun range or in a TXRFA classroom.  Occasionally, in unusual and rare circumstances, an exception is made, but only for those who have obtained prior permission.  Exceptions include aides or family members who are assisting a physically impaired student or elderly person who is taking a Specialized Firearms Training or Special-Needs class, or any firearm training class in which an elderly or infirm person is a registered participant.  These are welcomed exceptions.  However, even in these cases, advance permission is required and a copy of their government-issued photo ID must be supplied.  At their expense, we reserve the right to conduct a background check of students as well as non-student visitors or aides.

CONDUCT:  Students agree to conduct themselves in a manner that is lawful and conducive to safety, learning, and respect for others.

Expulsion for Cause:  Expulsion for a stated cause is at the sole discretion of the instructor, and expelled students must immediately leave the venue.  They will not receive a refund.  Each instructor also has the discretion to order a student to leave his or her class and the premises without cause. 

Expulsion Without Cause:  A student removed from class without a stated cause may receive a full refund of their tuition.

Refunds After Expulsion:  Refunds for expulsion will not be considered on the day of expulsion.  They must be made in writing and received within two weeks of the incident.  It is the responsibility of the expelled student to make sure that this request has been received by TXRFA administration.

Required Surrender of a Weapon:  A Range Master or Texas Republic Firearms Academy instructor or administrator can, at any time, demand that a student immediately surrender any firearm or other weapon that is in the student’s possession.  Failure to immediately comply is cause for expulsion.  It is at the lead instructor’s sole discretion to return the weapon to the individual just prior to them leaving the premises, make it available during the subsequent two-week period, or to turn the weapon over to a law enforcement agency for disposition.

TAXES:  Any applicable government-imposed fees and taxes on firearms, ammunition and other goods and services delivered by Texas Republic Firearms Academy, are in addition to the listed price, and determined by the location where the training, service or goods are delivered.

GUNS and SAFETY EQUIPMENT:  It is the responsibility of each student to use the required safety equipment and safety devices when present at a TXRFA-sponsored activity or class, gun range, during any live-fire exercise, or practice session.

Guns and Safety Equipment:  Unless otherwise specified, it is the responsibility of each student to supply their own firearm, ammunition, and safety equipment for each training or practice session.  It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that the weapon they use is in good repair, that they are using appropriate ammunition, and that they know how to safely use and properly operate it.

Safe Ammunition:  Only SAAMI approved ammunition will be allowed on the range.  This includes most of the manufacturers of quality ammunition such as Spear, Federal, Winchester, Remington, Fiocchi, Black Hills, Hornady, Blount, etc.  Specifically excluded as not suitable for use in our classes, is ammunition manufactured by Wolf, Magtech, Monarch and any handloaded or reloaded ammunition.  If you have questions about SAAMI, or ammunition selection, please ask before the day of class.

Safety Equipment:  Each student is responsible for bringing their own safety equipment, and for using it.  We will treat you as adults.  The following safety equipment is required, but it is up to you to make sure you use it.

Student-supplied safety equipment includes:

1. Eye Protection:  Safety glasses, shooting glasses, or prescription glasses with polycarbonate (plastic) lenses;

2. Hearing Protection: Muff-style, over-the-ear and covering the vulnerable area behind the ear.  Muffs should have a Noise Reduction Rating(NRR) of 27 or higher;

3. Cap with Visor:  Baseball-style hat or other visor cap suitable for protecting the face from flying shell casings;

4. Footwear to Cover the Entire Foot.  No sandals, or open-toe shoes.  Footwear must be suitable for uneven, unpaved surfaces;

5. Long Pants or Skirt/Dress:  We recommend that legs be completely covered to the ankle;

6. Shirt with Collar:  We recommend a button collar shirt, or shirt with a close-fitting collar to prevent hot shell casings from getting under the shirt;

7. Long-sleeved shirt and sunscreen or sun-block are recommended for sun protection but are not required.

* Items 1-3 can be borrowed from Texas Republic Firearms Academy for the duration of any instructional firearms course for a cleaning fee of $12.  However, this equipment must be requested at least one week prior to the beginning of the 1st class session.

* At Texas Republic Firearms Academy (TXRFA) your safety is paramount *

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