Here at Texas Republic Firearms Academy…

We focus exclusively on self-defense training.  We don’t teach hunting skills, target shooting, nor sports shooting.  We teach real-world firearm defense skills.

Why we exist:  Founded in 2009, Texas Republic Firearms Academy (TXRFA) exists for one purpose — to teach self-reliance skills and related emergency-medical courses to civilians. Our sister school, Camp Barkeley Tactical Training Center, located west of Fort Worth, was conceived for a slightly different purpose.  It provides specialty training, as well as advanced firearm instruction for law enforcement officers.

Full Range of Training.  (Pun intended.) We offer beginner-to-advanced classes and private instruction in self-defense handgun, tactical shotgun, black rifle, long-distance shooting, and 2- and 3-gun CQB tactics.  Based in San Antonio, we offer classes throughout Texas. And, Defensive Firearms Training and Emergency Medicine classes in 2nd Amendment-respecting states around the U.S., as well as abroad.


International security consultant, author, speaker, and former police officer and police SWAT team operator, SIG has a wide range of practical experience. Before having the good sense to move to Texas, SIG lived in Washington and the Los Angeles area, where he worked on the “street” for most of his law enforcement career. During his years of service, he had many deadly-force encounters with armed criminals, so his teaching is real-world practical.

Real-World Experience:  Armed with a university degree in criminology, and his practical experience as a police detective and crime scene investigator (CSI), SIG has personally been involved in multiple shootings. He has also investigated many criminal cases where firearms were used against innocent people, as well as incidents where law-abiding citizens used guns against their attackers.  So, he understands this topic from both ends of the gun.

Since taking early retirement from law enforcement, SIG’s experience was further enhanced by living for several years with terrorism and guerrilla warfare in Guatemala. During that country’s bloody civil war, SIG’s compound was attacked by guerrillas on three occasions, and on one it was overrun by insurgents armed with automatic weapons, RPGs, and mortars. His family was with him on each of these occasions, so he also understands these dangers from the perspective of a husband and father.

Professional Recognition: During SIG’s law enforcement career he was named “Police Officer of the Year,” was a “Commendation for Valor” recipient, and he received the Mayor’s Commendation, a U.S. Attorney General’s Commendation (Ed Meece), and numerous other awards and citations. He was also the personal bodyguard of president Ronald Reagan during the time after Reagan was governor of California, but before he announced his candidacy for president of the United States.

Author:  SIG is the author of five popular books. (Actually, four popular books and one not-so-popular book.)  The book which gets him the most media attention is, “God, Guns, and Guts of Firearm Defense.” Whereas the book, “Family and Personal Protection: Selecting the Best Gun for Self-Defense at Home” is the least popular but appreciated by those who are new to the subject of firearm defense.  In addition to these, he co-wrote with bestselling author, David Crawford, “PREPARED: Ready to Roll – Book 1 – Why Responsible People are Preparing.”  And, he also wrote the widely acclaimed, Book #2 and 3 in that same guidebook series.

Beyond these books, SIG is a popular speaker, has appeared on national and international news shows, and has his own podcast. For more, visit his author’s page on Amazon or his personal website, www.SIGSWANSTROM.com.

Our Teaching Philosophy

IMG_1498B“Remember the Alamo” isn’t just a phrase from a history textbook.  The Alamo defenders personify the kind of people we need to be in our world today:  Individuals who learn from our past, so that we can prepare for the future; people who are ready for whatever we may face today and tomorrow.

And, like the Founders of the United States, we strive to be people of integrity, independent, self-reliant, and active purveyors of peace, advocates for justice, and defenders of liberty.

TXRFA-Texas_Rangers_BadgeFor us, this orientation is perhaps best typified in the founding and early history of the Texas Rangers.  Largely part-time volunteer “Rangers” from all walks of life, they took up the badge and their guns when the government wasn’t there to protect their families and communities. They embodied a pioneer spirit and understood that common defense is everyone’s responsibility. When asked why they were willing to risk their lives for others, they answered, “If not me, who?”

cropped-trfa_badge_logo_v02c_smaller_k8yv.jpgThe logo for Texas Republic Firearms Academy is reminiscent of the badge worn by these individuals.  This grand Texas Ranger heritage, is a proud history of volunteerism, community spirit, personal responsibility, and high impact self-reliance that dates back to the beginning of the Texas Republic. These are the attributes which we extoll, which help us “to protect and to serve” as Sheepdogs in modern society.

Today, this Ranger sentiment is the foundation on which we have built the curriculum for our firearms and self-defense training.  Here at Texas Republic Firearms Academy (TXRFA), our goal is to impart Ranger-like confidence and community spirit in our students.  So, in addition to firearms instruction, we also concentrate on the physical skills and mental preparation necessary to achieve high impact self-reliance and defense. This translates into the ability to be alone yet capable and confident: The confidence to confront fear and violence head-on, so that you can protect yourself and others, and restore peace and safety.

Texas Republic Firearms Academy exists to deliver the training you need.  We provide firearms self-defense and tactical firearms training, Texas License-to-Carry (LTC/CHL) training, ongoing personalized firearm training and practice, as well as emergency and disaster preparedness training.

Our mission is much more than just to help you survive violence.  It is to help you gain the high impact self-reliance needed to overcome any emergency situation — and to emerge victorious.

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