Real-world training by police officers who have had deadly-force encounters.



Here at Texas Republic Firearms Academy, each of our lead instructors is a former law enforcement officer who has personally had multiple deadly force encounters. Since each has experienced many “shoot, don’t shoot” situations, our training is intensely real-world and practical.

DSC02012We are outcomes oriented.  We are here to help you develop practical firearm self-defense skills; to teach you tactics, help you gain confidence, develop a personal safety plan and your own rules of engagement. We focus on you, and what you need.

We want you to be able to do more than survive a violent attack. We want you to live situationally aware, yet fearlessly. We want you to enjoy a life of calm readiness matched with sound judgment.  The outcome we help you achieve is self-reliance, so even if you are alone you are ready to roll into any situation. 

DSC02021bOur training objective: We want more for you than the ability to punch holes in a paper target or pass a test.  Our mission is to equip you to “win” decisively, even against multiple attackers.

Personalized Training:  All of our classes are small-in-size to facilitate hands-on training and personalized attention. One-on-one private instruction is also available.

DSC02029Classes Offered: We have four levels of classes ranging from no-experience to advanced. We offer courses which focus on various types of firearms; handgun self-defense, shotgun home defense, tactical rifle, rural defense (long-range rifle shooting), 1-gun and 2-gun CQB, travel (ranger) skills, and training for active shooters and safety teams. For additional details, click on “Courses Offered” in the above menu.



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